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December 07, 2023

Sunscreen reminder stickers; a key to sun protection

Colour-changing UV stickers

As children of the Slip-Slop-Slap generation, and having suffered multiple skin cancers, being SunSmart is hard-wired into our family's outdoor activities.

The Problem

One element of the Slip-Slop-Slap (now Seek and Slide!) that continued to be problematic was my inability to understand when to reapply apply sunscreen.  

Sunscreen is an amazing tool in our sun protection arsenal. However to ensure sunscreen can protect exposed skin as it is designed to do, there are a number of key factors. Firstly, applying as directed is essential.

As a general rule, sunscreen instructions state to reapply after every 2 hours or after swimming, sweating and towel drying. However the reality of timing reapplications or convincing a child they need to reapply sunscreen is very different. If you are anything like me the internal dialogue is something like...."Did I apply sunscreen at 9am or 9.45am, how long have the children been in the water, did I even put sunscreen on??"

The solution

sundicators, a patented colour-changing product that reminds you when to re-apply sunscreen.

“sundicators remove the guesswork - you can 'see' UV"

How they work

When sundicators stickers are exposed to UV, they change colour from white to blue.

When the stickers (and your skin) is covered with sufficient sunscreen they stay white. When the stickers change from white to blue, it's time to reapply.

This simple, patented technology is a clear alert that there is insufficient sunscreen to "block" the UV receptors in the sticker and also protect the skin.

sundicators work with most sunscreens, we suggest creams and lotions, as opposed to aerosol sprays that contain alcohol.

Where to apply

sundicators do not need to be applied to the skin to work, and if you do they are super thin making them comfortable for all ages and the adhesive is 3M medical-grade.

When sundicators stay blue

Another benefit of sundicators is that they alert you to sunscreen that is not protecting you as it should.

The sunscreen could be expired or has been exposed to extreme temperatures and the SPF value has diminished. If sundicators stay blue, it means the sunscreen is not providing you with the SPF value on the label. It's time to throw it away and purchase new product.

Take the guesswork out of when to reapply sunscreen with sundicators.

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