UV Indicators - Wristbands


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Track your time in the sun using patented colour-changing technology.  Perfect for all outdoor activities, sundicators remind you when to reapply sunscreen and when to avoid the sun.

  • Works wet and dry
  • Works with all sunscreens
  • Non-toxic
  • Adjustable fit system - suits kids and adults
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Enjoy your outdoor activity and be smarter in the sun
  • Perfect for a day at the beach, golf, bike riding, playing tennis, gardening

Volume packaging available for workplace, childcare or school implementation. Please contact us for pricing and information.

"Our Amaze childcare and outside school hours care centres have been using sundicators since Lisa introduced them to us in September 2015. We have found them to be an exceptional product which has increased the awareness of sun safety in both our educators and the children.

​The children love wearing the sundicators and being sun safety monitors. It has increased their sense of personal responsibility and they run and tell the educators when it's time to reapply sun cream.  Amaze wouldn't hesitate to recommend sundicators."

Lucy Cook, GM, Amaze Education


sundicators patented colour changing technology measures your daily dose of UVA & UVB (broad spectrum) exposure. Putting sunscreen on the sundicator mimics the SPF protection the sunscreen is giving your body – there is no more guessing.

  • Colour changes are UV activated
  • Sunscreen is applied to skin and the Stickers or Bands
  • Bands and Stickers are single-use
  • Waterproof – works in fresh and salt water
  • Works with any sunscreen – cream, spray or lotion

sundicators make it fun and easy to remember to reapply sunscreen and when to get avoid the sun or cover up.

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