Testimonials sundicators

Testimonials from our wonderful customers.  Using sundicators they can now enjoy outdoor activities with peace of mind - with prompts to reapply sunscreen and when to avoid the sun.

"Our Amaze childcare and outside school hours care centres have been using sundicators since Lisa introduced them to us in September 2015. We have found them to be an exceptional product which has increased the awareness of sun safety in both our educators and the children. 

The children love wearing the sundicators and being sun safety monitors. It has increased their sense of personal responsibility and they run and tell the educators when it's time to reapply suncream. 

Lisa and Wade are great to deal with, prompt, professional and always keen for feedback. 

Amaze wouldn't hesitate to recommend sundicators."

 Lucy Cook / General Manager / AMAZE Education 

"We used sundicators for the first time last vacation care with great results!  We had an excursion to the water park at The Strand and they worked a treat!  We love them!!  The kids love to wear them and it really does take the guess work (out) of when to reapply sunscreen - they come and tell us!!"

Cynthia Beck / St Clare's Catholic School OSHC Townsville  

“sundicators work really well with our curriculum as part of our self help steps; which entail our children checking the temperature and UV Rating and recording them in their weather log.”  

Melissa / Centre Director

“…all staff felt they would use it on children at home, especially on family outings.”  

Zoe / Early Childhood Educator

“We have used the sundicator wristbands on holidays. They gave me the confidence that my daughter was 100% sun safe.”  

Bianca / Early Childhood Educator & Mum