Community & Partners

Actively contributing to our community through partnerships and our own initiatives is at the core of our business.  As part of our social community responsibility we are privileged to partner with the following organisations. We encourage you to learn more and join in too. ​​

Melanoma Institute Australia

Christmas Appeal

As part of their end of year appeal, Melanoma Institute Australia has partnered together with My Sun Protection, to provide some sample sundicators to remind the Australian public of the importance of reapplying sunscreen to prevent melanoma.If you would like to support Melanoma Institute Australia’s Christmas Appeal, please click here.

Danger Sun Overhead

Danger Sun Overhead has educated 35,000+ outdoor workers on the risks associated with working in the sun.

The program promotes the prevention, awareness and early detection of skin cancers, including melanoma.  Established by the Joanne Crotty whose husband Rohan Crotty, unfortunately lost his battle with melanoma in July 2009 at the age of 43. Inspired and educational.

sundicators is working with the DSO Team to promote their programme.

To book at DSO Program, ring Jo Crotty on 0418 728 347.

Nature Play QLD

01/12/16: Launch of NEW NaturePlay QLD and My Sun Protection Partnership, encouraging children to engage in outdoor play, in a sun safe way.

Visit the My Sun Safety page for information, tips and safety games.

About Nature Play: Nature Play is about getting our kids outside. Their mission is for unstructured outdoor play to become a normal part of every child life in Queensland, so that they can develop into resilient, healthy and creative members of the community. Great programs, printable "To Do" sheets by age and seriously fun events.  Brilliant and FREE. Check it out!

Melanoma Institute Australia

Sun Safe Workshop

The MIA School Program continues to educate thousands of students every year through their engaging Sun Safe Workshop.  

The 30-minute interactive Sun Safe Workshop focuses on developing a strong understanding and knowledge about sun safety as well as educating students about the dangers of melanoma, and the best methods for prevention and early detection.

Melanoma Awareness Foundation

MAF was established as a legacy to Amanda Carter who sadly, she lost her brave battle with Melanoma Cancer on the 12th of November 2007, aged just 25.

The foundation is dedicated to saving lives from this potentially deadly disease, a disease that sadly takes the lives of almost twice as many Queenslanders as road fatalities.

Read more about their Youth Education Program and Linda Geiger Parent Education Program.