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  • Whether it's a day at the beach or long hours on a big work  project, sundicators UV Stickers remove the "guesswork" of UV exposure.

    Track your time in the sun using patented colour-changing technology. Perfect for all outdoor activities, sundicators UV indicating stickers measure your daily dose of UVA & UVB (broad spectrum) exposure, reminding you when to reapply sunscreen and when to avoid the sun.

    • UV activated colour-change
    • Measures daily UVA & UVB exposure
    • Works dry or wet (in fresh, chlorinated and saltwater)
    • 3M hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin 

    Volume packaging available for workplace, childcare or school implementation. Please contact us for pricing and information.

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  • Instructions
    1. ADHERE Sticker firmly to clothing, hat or back of the hand. Sticker does not need to be in contact with the skin. If applying to the skin, ensure skin is dry, clean and free of sunscreen.
    2. APPLY sunscreen liberally and evenly to the Sticker and all exposed skin 20 minutes before sun exposure, or getting wet.
    3. ACTIVATE the Sticker by removing cover and exposing it to direct sunlight. It will change to a dark purple, within 1-2 minutes. 
    4. REAPPLY sunscreen to the skin and the Sticker when the Sticker changes to a mauve colour.
    5. COVER UP or AVOID the sun when the Sticker changes to a pale cream. You have reached your maximum daily UV exposed. Your Sticker has finished monitoring UV and is not reusable.
    6.  Gently remove the Sticker. Dispose in a recycling bin.

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